Tanya Simmons- Educator

Licensed Brain Gym Consultant

Qi-Gym Founder/Creator

Way of the Heart Facilitator

B.A Honors – Professional Education

Welcome! I honor your inquiry into finding out more about me and Brain Heart Balance.

Originally from England in the UK, I am now based in New Orleans where I run my private practice, teach Qi-Gym, and Brain Gym Training Courses nationally and internationally.  I have been a practicing therapist for over 30 years and through the beauty of experience I have found that with an open, willing mind, one learns what works and what doesn’t work!

The foundation of who I am now as a therapist, mother, nurturer and educator is always love. I have learned that without the scientifically measurable frequency of Love, safety, and self-acceptance, we cannot learn well and step into ourselves as empowered, joyful individuals. Compassion, patience and acceptance of others is the energy behind how I teach, encourage and work with large groups or individuals. I give others no less than I have learned to give myself, as I too have suffered and fought my own inner and outer battles to be where I am at this stage of my life. Part of the reason why I have success as a teacher and therapist is because I have ‘been there’. Learning hasn’t always been easy for me as a shy, kinaesthetic child in a strict school system.  Through years of exploration and using the best of what I have discovered, I’ve learnt to overcome and tame the incessant chatter, become aware of every passing thought, quieten and strengthen my own mind, redirect negative thoughts and keep them redirected. The most potent and effective modalities have these things in common – presence to oneself and ones experience and nonjudgemental acceptance of oneself and ones experience.

It’s been my experience in my own journey and subsequently facilitating the healing process in others that until we can slow down enough to witness ourselves and start to love ourselves, the journey back to empowered, fulfilled wholeness cannot happen. We need to slow down enough to start to witness ourselves in kind, nonjudgemental presence.

Over many years, I have trained extensively in many modalities to enable physical, mental and emotional health and empowerment. The most effective were those using movement, the breath, awareness and intention at their core to build the brain and get deeper into the subconscious mind and create quick and lasting change from there. My joyful journey training in Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology from 2001 revealed more keys to help people move forward much more quickly, to radically improve learning difficulties, to heal trauma, to wire and rewire the brain for optimal functioning. Since 2007, I have been teaching Brain Gym Training courses and In-service seminars, Conference & Speaking engagements when requested whilst running my individual practice here in central New Orleans. I created Qi-Gym in 2015 to provide an affordable weekly class to share key Brain Gym principles, Qi-Gong and other magical gems that empower people to make changes to reach their goals and heal mind, body and emotions.

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