I welcome inquiries and consults without obligation. Please feel free to contact me by telephone to see if I can help you.  Call for a complimentary 20 minute session.

In sessions, I stay in heart-based intelligence seeing the True Self and potential for each individual, whilst staying alert to deficits in development, thinking and patterns of behaviours and provide skills to meet those needs. Love coupled with the tools to help change limitations stored in the subconscious field of the mind, body and emotions is my mission.

Individual 1:1 sessions are confidential and start with a conversation about your concerns, priorities and where you would like to be. I provide emotional support in a safe place to that you can discuss your difficulties with the acknowledgement and understanding of how it feels and how the stress may be spilling over into other areas of your home/work/personal life. We will draw out your intentions for your sessions and move that into your life through the process we can a ‘balance’ or an ‘integration’. Many people are amazed at the positive difference before and after a session.

On-line Sessions:

All sessions are done successfully from anywhere in the world On-line if you wish to work/heal/play/learn with me but cannot meet up with me in person.  Zoom sessions can be recorded and sent to you for your reference. Contact me to go further. I offer sliding scale rates and packages to make my work affordable to all who need it. 

Brain Gym for Parents & Children:

It is 100% beneficial to the child and the whole family that the parents understand and participate in the Brain Gym principles. Everyone gains! It is easy, fun and takes very little time. Therefore, I like to have at least one session with the parent(s) before working with the child. This can be in-person or on-line.  Brain Gym gives the parent(s) real-life tools for eliminating blocks to a child’s education, dynamically helping ADhD, Autism and Dyslexia – to name but a few – with the investment of just 10-15 minutes a day.

Good parenting is the most difficult job in the world – and the most rewarding in my opinion. The Brain Gym tools empower the parent to be their best self in really challenging moments. I have learnt this first hand which is why I am passionate about what I do. Many times I reacted instead of consciously responding and fell short of my ideal as a mother. Using Brain Gym helped me to be in my power as a mother and stay calm when in the past I wouldn’t have!

Each child is quite unique. I allow where I see the child at, to guide my work with them. They do not need to set conscious intentions or goals although some may. I help the child become more aware of their physical body, teach movements and ways to strengthen the body-brain connections. Difficulties with reading, writing, attention, balance and social interactions are most often radically improved – sometimes very quickly, sometimes over time. The majority of my clients contact me for help with Reading and Writing and Inattention (inability to focus). Mainstream education can’t support the needs of all children. With big classes, some children cannot get the help they need. Many need more movement, not extra lessons and more homework to improve their ability to learn! I use specific techniques and movement combinations to reinforce both gross and fine motor skills, and eye teaming for learning. Some of these movements link back to the reflex movements made as young babies. Reflexes which were never properly developed then become integrated as those stages of brain development are completed. Eyes and ears strengthen to code and decode, see both the details and the big picture and make sense of it with the neo-cortex.  As reflexes integrate, fine and gross motor muscles develop, and eyes work together – learning becomes interesting and easy.


  • Do you worry about your child’s behaviour and academics at school?
  • Wish you could help them feel less anxious and angry, and succeed academically?
  • Are you struggling with staying calm when your child pushes you to the limit? And feel bad about it?

Would you like to:

  • Understand your child and help challenging behaviour
  • Let go of your fears and anxieties
  • Stay calmer when faced with a meltdown
  • Learn how to respond rather than react in the moment
  • See the best in your child more often
  • Discuss alternatives to medication for ADhD?

Or, if you would like to enable your child to:

  • Feel less anxious
  • Find ways to remain calm
  • Be able to focus and find it easier to learn
  • Believe in themselves with more self-acceptance & confidence
  • Manage anger better
  • Have better skill in reading, writing, spelling and math

Then let’s have a conversation to discuss what is going on for you and to see how we could work together.


An individual consultation for an adult is typically $120.  And, I offer a sliding scale that begins at $65 based on circumstances to make these tools available to all. Sessions are typically 1 ½ hours in length.

Sessions for children are up to one hour depending on the child and cost $85 or $400  when a course of six sessions are booked. 

This work is very cumulative – children learn deeply through repetition to make new, lasting neural pathways. As these become ‘hard-wired’ and missed developmental stages are completed, Brain Gym will typically need to be applied only in times of high stress (major tests & performances).

Coaching packages are also available for adults. Please contact me to see what we can set up for you for transformation!

Consultations are held in my private studio ‘The Clarity Studio’ in mid-city, New Orleans. LA70119. Free and easy parking is available.

Brain Heart Balance Sessions, or Coaching, for Young Adults to Seniors


Using Brain Gym, Edu-K, Coaching for goals and Life Purpose, Way of the Heart, EFT, Hands-on Healing for energetic balancing of the brain and body. With the exception of the hands-on work, (particularly beneficial for Traumatic Brain Injury recovery) these sessions work well on-line as well as in-person. My goal is to empower people to be able to help themselves, and then, they in turn empower others!

  • What is going on in your life right now? Do you feel life is passing you by and you’re not doing enough of what you want to do?
  • Are you overwhelmed? Lost your joy?
  • Do you wake up ruminating and anxious about your day? The future?
  • Do you notice and find yourself sabotaging your success?
  • Do your relationships sometimes feel like hard work?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

What would you do if you could come out of survival mode and feel truly abundant? How good would your life feel if your happiness was not dependent on everything and everyone around you and nothing phased you?

A huge pivotal moment in our lives is when we start to take full responsibility for our thoughts and feelings. Then learning the tools to break free from conscious and subconscious patterns we can start to move mountains and fly!

In sessions we learn how to:

  • Effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and emotional distress
  • Release the emotional and energetic blocks that hold us back
  • Release negative patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • Facilitate clear thinking and increase happiness
  • Get clear and specific about what we truly want

Adults utilize Brain Gym to excel in business and all life endeavours. Brain Gym enhances the ability to be relaxed and creative in stressful environments, to express oneself with confidence, and to follow through on projects and ideas.


An individual consultation for an adult is typically $120.  And, I offer a sliding scale that begins at $65 based on circumstances to make these tools available to all. Sessions are typically 1 ½ hours in length.

Coaching packages are available. Committing to a series of sessions enables you to get to the very heart of your situation, to find out what you truly want to achieve, and get to reveal You to you!  Regular sessions changes your mindset and knowing that there is support, you are accountable, motivated and much more able to achieve your dreams.

Please contact me to see what we can set up for you for transformation!

Consultations are held in my private studio ‘The Clarity Studio’ in mid-city, New Orleans. LA70119. Free and easy parking is available.

“To say that Tanya Simmons is an Educator and Life Coach doesn’t begin to cover who this woman is or what she does. Tanya Brings to whatever task is at hand – life coach, teacher, therapist, healer – a panoply of skills and gifts to deepen the awarenes of and spark transformation and healing in her clients and students. Tanya generously offers to those working with her broad knowledge, profound intuition, creativity, and deep power. Even more important to her effectiveness though, is the tremendous sensitivity, empathy, and love she brings to her profession, which also, happens to be her path and passion. A better way to describe the change and openings that Tanya creates might be magic.”

Emilia Diarra

Human Rights Activist

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