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How to be functioning optimally in Whole Brain-Heart-Balance in the workplace.
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Explore below sample topics of presentations given at conferences and summits. All deliver strategies, tools, movements, mind-body exercises to learn to manage stress, communicate effectively, stay calm and focussed in higher cortical functioning in challenging situations:


This sample topic of a presentation given at various conferences and The Breaking Through the Void Global Summit:

Title of Presentation:  ‘Help! The world is going crazy!’

Accessing the Intuitive Brain of the Heart for Balanced Daily Living in a Transitioning World.

Description of Presentation:

The combination of stress, trauma and technological stimulation has produced an epidemic of people operating in a hyperactive state, often coupled with high levels of anxiety and depression. As an alternative to drugs and medication, self-medication with alcohol and other suppressants, there are simple, empowering, and effective techniques and movements which cost nothing, produce life-enhancing neuro-transmitters and hormones in the brain and body, and ultimately help us to be calmly operating at our full potential in a transitioning world. To help us all work together to create a great new world we need to be ‘switched on’ and be able to hear the guidance of our higher intelligence that we all possess when the energy of our brains and hearts are working together.

In this presentation, Tanya will explain how the sensory motor movement program of Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym works in a gentle and energizing way to switch on and coordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning. She will explain what inhibits brain development, what we can do to help ourselves move out of stress and trauma, and demonstrate some of the key movements and tools we can use to help our children and ourselves in our everyday life to access the wisdom of our hearts, the seat of our highest intelligence and intuition.

Come along for a fun, dynamic and very informative presentation to learn new tools for self-awareness, whole-heart-brain potential.

Other Workshops & Talks for your establishment:


  • An experiential workshop using Qi-Gym, Brain Gym, Mindfulness techniques, and exploring the neuroscience of embodiment.
  • Brain Gym for Seniors – Developing and activating the Brain at any age.
  • How to keeping a healthy,functioning brain; keys to avoid dementia and other brain debilitating diseases. How the Brain Gym movements support the “senior citizen” population in aspects of cognitive processing. Experiencing the Brain Gym warm up called “PACE” to support and maintain focus, memory, postural stability, and confident movement.
  • QI-GYM – Brain Gym & Qi-Gong ~ The Quick Path to Heart – Brain – Body Coherence (PATH Conference 2017)
  • Brain-Heart-Balance – Accessing the intuitive brain of the heart for Education and Everyday Living.
  • A fun and informative experiential seminar drawing from various modalities and latest neuroscience to understand how we can function at our best in life.


This was the most interesting topic of the whole conference! Instead of dozing off like I noticed many were on other presentations, you made us laugh, had our full attention and it was so nice to move! Thank you Tanya! I learned a lot. Please come back again next year!

(Edward Rock -Conference organizer – Georgia)

Your presentation was so enjoyable and exciting. I learned so much and didn’t notice that time was flying by. I have really felt the changes since I have been using the work and it only takes a few minutes. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us.  I look forward to you teaching more of my teachers and parents about “Brain Gym”. Thank you,

Rhonda Smith -Assistant Director. (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Preschool)

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